As an investor or an owner,

you know that it can be very challenging to manage rental properties. From finding and placing tenants, to dealing with maintenance issues, to insurance and legal implications, it can all seem like a lot to deal with. Leveraging our experience in the local market, we can set rent rates, and market your property competitively. Our thorough screening process will help find great tenants. If any maintenance issue should arise, our connections with local, licensed, and insured vendors will provide quality fixes with quick turn-around times. And if any legal issue should happen, we know who to call to avise you. So, sit back and enjoy the benefits of being a real estate investor - without the headaches!


Our Services

Leasing Only

First Month's Rent
No Recurring Monthly Fee

Full Service Management

1/2 of First Month's Rent
7% Recurring Management Fee

Premium Management

1/2 of First Month's Rent
10% Recurring Management Fee

Rent Analysis Our team performs a detailed market analysis to give you the best rental price for your property.
Included Included Included
Listing and Marketing Our team will market your property to tenants and handle all the inquiries and showings.
Included Included Included
Tenant Screening and Placement Our team checks credit history, eviction history, references, and criminal history.
Included Included Included
Lease Preparation Our team prepares a strong lease that protects you as a landlord.
Included Included Included
Rent Collection Our team will deal with tenants who don't pay on time or who do not pay at all.
- Included Included
Financial Reporting Our team will provide you year-end statement and 1099s
- Included Included
Accounting Our team will provide you detailed monthly owner statements to help you stay on top of your cashflow.
- Included Included
Move-Out Inspections Our team will perform a detailed walk-though inspection with photos when a tenant moves out of your property.
- Included Included
Serving Notices If there is a need to serve a notice to your tenant, our team will ensure we meet the legal deadlines and file the proper paperwork.
- Included Included
Tenant Correspondence Our team will handle any and all correspondence related to the tenancy.
- Included Included
Handling Security Deposits Our team will handle all security deposit related responsibilities including holding the funds in a proper escrow account, making proper deductions, and processing returns and disputes.
- Included Included
24/7 Emergency Line Our team will provde tenants with 24/7 emergency line.
- Included Included
Eviction Coordination Should there be a need to ecvict a tenant, our team will coordinate with our attorney to ensure legal compliance.
- Included Included
Annual Inspections Our team will perform a detailed walk-though inspection and preventative maintenance check to mitigage liability and future potential damage to the property.
- $100 initial, $50 per additional Included
Owner Requested Inspections If you have a concern with the property that you would like to be investigated, our team will perform an inspection.
$100 $50 Included
Lease Extension Our team will prepare and resigning a new lease with the current tenant.
- $100 $100
Close Out File Prep for closing out a client's file.
- $300 $150
New Property Existing Tenant When taking on a new property that already has a tenant, our team will have the tenant fill out a new application, and tenant sign a newly prepared lease agreement to ensure that you as an owner are protected.
- $500 $250
Maintenance Coordination Our team will coordinate with licensed and insured vendors when requred to take care of any repair or maintenance issues on your property.
10% 10% 10%

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